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In Christ Fundamentals

I'm sure that most, if not all, of us understand the importance of a solid foundation for whatever it is we endeavor to build. Without a solid foundation, what we do build, won't last the test of time and surely fail.

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System Of Truth In Christ

God literally gave Paul the complete message of the New Covenant, the Gospel of Good News during this time, so that when he would face the onslaught of naysayers, critics and violence in confrontation of the spirit versus the flesh, Paul would stand true to the conviction of truth, which was established and sealed in him by the Holy Spirit.

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How Man Is Made To Function

This is the single most important teaching you will ever read. Knowing exactly how we are created to function will open your eyes to the scriptures and vastly improve your personal relationship with God.

A must read for every thinking Christian...

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Mind Renewal

MIND RENEWAL —It's Not What You Think

The Transformation Of Our Soul

There is no other primary purpose of God for us, after we have been saved, then to renew our minds. It is this which will give us, or allow us to readily express God and live how He originally intended for us to live.

A must read for every thinking Christian...

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Meditation & Confession

The importance of Meditation and Confession in the Christian life, walk and spiritual growth cannot be overstated. Meditation and confession is meant to enhance this interaction and help us develop in our relationship with the Father.

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